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Further Resources

Further Resources


Below are some useful links to websites that provide more information and support for your condition and treatment. It does not replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Please talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions about your condition or treatment. Please note that the links will redirect you to external websites not affiliated with Pfizer and may contain information not consistent with New Zealand legislation or advertising codes.

Enbrel® offers you support to help manage your condition and treatment. For more information go to the Additional Support Services page.



Arthritis New Zealand

You are not alone. There are over 700,000 New Zealanders fronting up to similar challenges with rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis.1

Arthritis New Zealand's prime aim is to support you with your arthritis so you can lead a better quality of life. Here are some of the ways they help:

  • Arthritis Assist is a trained team of health professionals who offer you support and equip you with the tools you will need to self-manage your arthritis. You can contact them on the helpline 0800 663 463.
  • Comprehensive information available at
  • Link you with other people who are experiencing the same challenges- a network of support groups including online groups and a support service for newly diagnosed.
  • Able to provide information that might help with your employment or access to other support services.
  • Advocating to local and national decision makers on issues of concern such as accessible packaging and improved access to rheumatology services.
  • Funding research projects which focus on the cause and treatment of arthritis.

To become a member of the Arthritis New Zealand family, just call 0800 663 463 or visit their website

  1. Arthritis New Zealand. About Us. Accessed from (Last accessed September 2023)

DermNet NZ provides extensive information about skin diseases including psoriasis for patients and health care professionals

Visit DermNet

Enbrel® Resources.

If you have been prescribed Enbrel® you have access to further resources related to your treatment including;

  • Sharps container
  • Needle disposal information
  • Sleeve for the Enbrel Auto-injector

To access these resources go to Enbrel® Resources section
You can gain access to this information by using the barcode information from your Enbrel® box.

Consumer Medicines Information:

For a full list of potential side effects and other consumer information about Enbrel® you can visit the Consumer Medicines Information