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Enbrel® gives you free, personalised support services and resources

Enbrel® offers patients a variety of educational materials and ways to stay in touch and informed. Ask your doctor for an Enbrel® Starter Kit. This includes a sharps container and information you need to know about Enbrel®; including step-by-step injection instructions, an easy-to-follow video and links to helpful websites.



For patients that are already taking Enbrel®, below is a list of resources you can access via the Enbrel® Resources section of the website.

  • Sharps container
  • Travel wallet to house Enbrel® device 
  • Needle destruction card (or see section below under 'Needle Exchange' to find your nearest participating pharmacy) 
  • Sleeve for the Enbrel Auto-injector

Should you wish to receive any of these items, please use the order form or call 0800 Enbrel® (0800 362 735). For specialist Enbrel® nurse support information call 0800 362 735 and select option 3. 

Help when you need it.



If you have a lifelong condition like rheumatoid arthritis or plaque psoriasis, it’s important to see a doctor who is an expert in that field. Your family doctor can refer you to a specialist known as a rheumatologist or dermatologist who:

  • Has advanced knowledge of your condition
  • Sees many people who have symptoms of your condition
  • Can help make sure you’re getting the medicine that’s best for you

Questions to ask your specialist;

If you have moderate to severe symptoms, you may have a lot of questions. Your specialist can help you find answers. Prepare for your visit by downloading an appointment guide.

Questions to ask your Rheumatologist
Questions to ask your Dermatologist

You may also like to contact ARTHRITIS ASSIST at Arthritis New Zealand on 0800 663 463 or visit their website at 



Your specialist will help you choose which treatment option is best for you and provide you with injection training if needed. After that, these demonstrations accessed via the link below can help by providing step-by-step instructions. 


Once you have a prescription from your specialist, all NZ retail pharmacies can order Enbrel® in for you.